1:1 Intensive

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The Back in Business Intensive is a 90 minute mentoring session to see what areas in your business need attention, enhancing or a little beautifying.


Wave overwhelm and uncertainty goodbye with this deep-dive session which will leave you feeling aligned and empowered to take action with more focus.


You’ll leave this session with confidence, clarity, motivation and most importantly feeling unstoppable with a plan to get you going in the right direction. 

What does the Beauty Biz Intensive offer?

These sessions exist to help you get to the nitty gritty of what it is that you want to achieve, and better yet, how to get it done. Our session will be an intensive focus on what your business needs to do in order to better your business in relation to your preferences, goals and current struggles.


Attracting new clients 


Finances - growing your income / creating a sustainable income


Systems - to save time and increase productivity


Strategies - to help scale your business



Marketing yourself and/or your business consistently and confidently

This list serves as a brief overview of what we could cover in your 1:1 session.

What does The Business Clinic include?

1/ A 90 minute intensive online private mentoring call (if local to Somerset this could be in person)


2/ Unlimited access to me through Voxer for 2 weeks after your session giving you the opportunity to pick my brain whilst implementing your changes.

3/ Regular accountability check-ins for the 2 weeks post session to help you feel supported, focused, and motivated.

What's the investment?

Coaching should always be viewed as an investment of not just your money but your time and not just another business expense.

With the right guidance, support and accountability coaching has the ability to catapult your business into success and income beyond your expectations.

The xxxxx

Total £249 £149 Intro Offer

There’s no waiting list or application process for xxxx, so get yourself booked in and let's get to work!