Here's my story...

My story is not unlike many others. The pandemic spawned a new version of my life, and the changes it brought about have made me happier and far more content than I thought I could be. 


Being a military spouse I spend months alone every year, while my husband Adam is out of the country. But I had this sussed! I managed to secure a part-time position at the local boarding school, which allowed me to be a present Mum to our two young children in the afternoons, manage school drop-off and picks-ups, and bonus – I got all the school holidays off (plus extra!). This meant I was getting back into work without needing to rely on my husband, friends or family for childcare help. It was perfect!


I had purpose and a wonderful routine mapped out every day which fulfilled me. I would finish work for the day, go for a run, and then pick up the kids. It was the best mental space I’d been in for years… 


…And then, the pandemic happened.



Within days of the lockdown announcement, my contract was terminated. Despite pleading with HR to simply furlough me, the reality was that they needed to save money wherever they could. I was devasted. But it was in this devastation that my business was born. I surrendered one version of what I thought was my ideal life, to awaken and fully comprehend what working towards my dreams meant for me.


I decided to pursue a newfound passion for social media which allowed me to tap into a creative side I didn't know I had! I followed all the advice: I Googled like a mad woman, consumed as much information as possible, attended virtual networking events, and took countless online courses, and yet I wasn’t signing any clients or making any money. I felt as if I was on an unending merry-go-round, chasing myself in circles.


Then, the universe sent me a nudge. I lucked out and won a ‘power hour’ with Suzy from Mothers of Enterprise – a fellow military spouse. 


That hour changed my life.


Today, I can say with absolute confidence that I know what it takes to go from earning absolutely nothing – from all of zero clients – to smashing targets and having a calendar booked with more clients than you can handle all from utilising Instagram.


Could you be my next success story?


If you’re as excited about your future as I am, you know what to do…


Instagram is a fast-paced platform and for many business owners it is a time consuming and energy stealing task.


I work with busy business owners to create Instagram feeds that not only stop people scrolling but are effective, consistent, engaging and full of valuable content for their ideal clients/customers.

Finding the time to make sure your businesses Instagram is all of the above whilst trying to actually run a business and have a personal life is challenging - that's where I can help.


I can give you back TIME!

Instead of worrying about what to post, when to post, creating content, keeping it on brand, captivating and

last but not least researching targeting audience hitting hashtags, you can use the time to work on the business tasks that you enjoy or spend more time with friends and family!

Social media is HUGE and your brands profile is the first place a potential client/customer is going to look to see if they would like to work with your or buy from first impressions are everything!

I am on a mission to help busy business owners like you tackle the social media OVERWHELM, claim back TIME and assist in taking your business to the next level by streamlining and optimising your Instagram profile!